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  • If your advisor recommends taking courses to achieve our high school credential, our program includes classes in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

    Classes can help you:
    >> Earn credits for your High School Diploma
  • >> Prepare for exams such as HiSET or Accuplacer
  • >> Improve your skills for college or career
  • We teach students ages 18 and up. Some take classes for fun, but many are trying to earn a high school credential or go to college. We teach students who are native English speakers as well as students learning English in the higher levels.

You can search upcoming courses at this link, but we do not accept online or mail-in registrations for these classes because we want to place you in the right course. Call 874-8155 or come to 14 Locust Street to make an appointment for new student testing. The appointment will take about 2 hours.  Please be prepared to register and pay for your course immediately following the appointment.  If you have ACCUPLACER scores, please bring them to the appointment with you.

  • Language Arts

    Language Arts courses are focused on reading and writing academic texts to prepare you for a diploma, college, or career. They will help you to develop your academic and professional skills in English.
    Our students are native English speakers as well as students who have finished or tested out of our ESOL levels.

    Main Courses:
    - Reading/Writing 100
  • - Reading/Writing 200
  • - College Writing Workshop


Additional Courses:

  • - Readings in Science
  • - Readings in Social Studies
  • - Grammar Intensive
  • - Public Speaking
  • - Spelling and Word Work
  • - Accuplacer Preparation (Reading and Grammar)


PAE math students learn to be flexible with numbers and often appreciate the change from the rigid, take it or leave it methods they first learned. Students are free to make mistakes, explore and choose the method that works best for them.

- Math Basics

  • - Math Essentials Fractions
  • - Math Essentials Decimals
  • - Math Concepts Data & Ratios
  • - Math Concepts Geometry and Fractions
  • - Algebra A & B

Science and Social Studies

Our science and social studies courses can help you earn credits toward your High School Diploma, prepare for the HiSET exams, improve your academic skills, or help you become prepared for college or career.

- Readings in Science

  • - General Science
  • - Chemistry
  • - Biology
  • - Readings in Social Studies
  • - U.S. History
  • - Current Events